17 April 2011

Lady of the Lake

Elizabeth Mayne

A so-so read. I think the book could have used a little more editing. For instance, at the end of chapter 8, an evil character stumbles upon a young boy, a prince, who she wants dead, and they scuffle. The last two lines read: "...she made certain the gamely limping atheling of Leam was her captive forever...She saw to it that he broke his neck." So I'm gasping, thinking that she has just killed the young prince. The I turn the page, and lo and behold, the scuffle is interrupted and the prince is saved. And yet it said "he broke his neck!".

Okay, maybe that's a small thing, but it just really irritated me. There were other times when a chapter or section would end, and the next one would start and I would feel like something got left out.

Anyway, in the end of course I still enjoyed this light romance, but not enough to bother seeking out anything else by this author.

(I purchased this book at a library book sale in October 2009. I read the book and wrote my review in November 2010. )

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