02 August 2011

Bitten & Smitten


Immortality Bites, Book 1.

First line: For a dead woman, I felt surprisingly good.

There's a whole lotta vampire/romance out there now, but I think after Lynsay Sands' Argeneau series, this may be my new favorite series. It put me a little in mind of MaryJanice Davidson's Queen Betsy from her Undead series, so it's a little more chick lity than Sands' books.

Sarah's best friend sets her up on the blind date from hell, who turns out to be a vampire and wants her to be one also. After turning her, against her will, he is promptly killed, and Sarah finds herself running for her life. Thierry is a 600 year old, suicidal vampire who everyone else calls Master (a term of respect, not because he is everyone's master), who reluctantly takes Sarah under his wing while she adjusts to her new life.

This is the first book I've read by this author, and I definitely enjoyed her breezy, humorous, at times snarky, writing. There were lots of funny lines, starting with that opening sentence and getting better:
"If I had a nickel for every time I've been staked" - she glanced at me wearily - "well, I'd only have about twenty cents. But still, it's never a fun experience."
The secondary characters stay secondary, and never seem fully fleshed out, and I'm still just a little confused about one character's motivation for some of her actions. But it was a quite enjoyable read, and I look forward to the rest of the series.

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