28 July 2013

A Love Worth Waiting For (Love Inspired #203)


Back cover copy: Jaded jet-setter Noah Ashton arrived in Montana with the sole purpose of making sure his beloved grandmother was not marrying a man out to steal her fortune. However, when he experienced a life-threatening crisis, the last person he expected to lean on was Julie Renton, the granddaughter of his grandmother's suitor. The small-town schoolteacher not only staunchly defended her grandfather's honor, but also opened this world-weary tycoon's eyes to the Lord's most precious blessings.

A handsome and chivalrous Noah was everything Julie had ever dreamed of in a man. But even while she lavished him with sweet solace to see him through the hardships ahead, she sensed he had the power to shatter her fragile heart. It took a miracle from above to convince Julie she'd finally found a love worth fighting for.

Stats for my copy: Mass market paperback, published by Steeple Hill Books, 2003; 250 pages. I don't remember where I got it.

My thoughts: Enjoyable albeit standard Love Inspired fare. The characters are all likable, the banter between the hero and heroine is often amusing, and the ending is satisfactory.

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