13 October 2014

An Accidental Family (Accidental Blessings, Book 3)


Synopsis from Goodreads: To Love Or Not To Love Again

That's the question stirring Texan widower Lamont London's heart. His longtime neighbor Nadine Greene still turns heads—especially his. But after enduring an abusive marriage, Nadine's gun-shy when it comes to relationships. And Lamont has some unresolved feelings to overcome about his late wife. It isn't until Nadine's ranch house burns to the ground and Lamont offers refuge to her and her son's family in his empty mansion that she opens her heart. Can they find a sweet second chance at love, and make two families into one?

Stats for my copy: Mass market paperback, published by Love Inspired Books, 2011.

How acquired: Bought.

First line: Lamont had never felt more alone in his life.

My thoughts: I don't know why, but this one just didn't appeal to me nearly as much as the first two books in this trilogy. I had a little trouble staying interested in it. The plot just didn't hold my attention and I couldn't seem to connect with the characters, even though I liked them both in the previous books and was looking forward to their story.

I guess they just can't all be winners.

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