09 March 2012

Dance With The Devil (Dark-Hunters, Book 3)


I think this might be my favorite book in the Dark-Hunter series now. This series seems to get better with each book, but this one was fantastic.

We met Zarek in the previous book, “the most dangerous of all the Dark-Hunters”. In his human life he was a Roman slave, and as a Dark-Hunter he was exiled to Alaska after going rogue and killing the people he was supposed to be protecting.

Astrid is a goddess and a judge, who in her hundreds of years career has yet to find anyone innocent. Artemis wants Zarek killed, but Acheron convinces her to allow Astrid to judge him.

So Astrid, with her sight taken away to keep her impartial, and her wolf companion, Sasha, are set up in a house in Alaska, where Zarek ends up after being wounded in a fight, and unable to leave due to a ferocious blizzard. He doesn’t  know who Astrid is, he thinks she’s just some rich blind woman with a pet wolf who dragged him into her home after finding him unconscious in the snow.

Dance with the Devil is just packed with emotions. Of course all the Dark-Hunters have suffered in their lifetimes, it’s part of what makes them a Dark-Hunter. But Zarek’s childhood was just horrendous, and my heart broke for him again and again.

The secondary characters are enjoyable as well. Sasha, the wolf, and Astrid can speak to each other telepathically, and his smart ass comments about Zarek, whom he hates from the minute he sees him, often made me laugh. And we also meet Simi, an adolescent demon creature who belongs to Acheron and calls him her daddy. She provided much comic relief as well.

I only had one issue with this book, and it’s a small one but it bugged me nonetheless. In Chapter 5, on one page it said:
He could kill her and neither she nor Sasha would see him coming.
On the very next page it said:
Because she was immortal, he couldn’t kill her, but he could hurt her.
I don’t like contradictions, I want consistency.

But I absolutely loved this book, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one.

(I received this book through BookCrossing.)

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