01 April 2012

Spreading Fires


First line: Neville came with the house.

Many years ago my daughter read A Separate Peace, by this same author at school, and wanted to read more by him, so I got this book for her. I don't what she thought of it, or if she ever even actually read it. Now that I've read it myself I realize it's not a Young Adult book, and she was only 13 at the time I received it for her. I think I had just assumed this author's books were written for teens.

Anyway, that aside, I just finished reading this myself today. In the beginning it was ok. Brendan Lucas has rented a villa while on vacation, and is to be joined there by his sister, her fiance who is also his best friend, his mother, and the fiance's sister. Neville, the cook who came with the house, is a very odd duck.
The book read smoothly but the story pretty much slid right out of my mind when I put the book down. Neville's behaviour becomes more and more erratic, and the last third of the book did turn out to be pretty gripping.

(I received this book through BookCrossing.)

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