12 October 2012

Photo Op


I was very interested and intrigued when I started this book and realized that Dena, the heroine, is closer to my age than your usual romance heroine. In fact, she's older than me , being 52 I believe. Then the hero, Wayne is introduced, and he's like 38 I think (sorry, I don't remember exactly and don't want to go look).

There were lots of obstacles for the couple to overcome, in their minds anyway - neither had been in a relationship in about twenty years and neither was sure if they were ready to be in one; they lived in different cities, though Dena's son is the pastor at Wayne's church, so she has some ties to his community; they have very different careers, and Dena makes a lot more money than Wayne. It took them a long time to work through all these issues. Personally, for me, the fact that he is so much younger would have been the biggest issue, and I don't know if I could get past that kind of age gap. But for them, it was barely mentioned in passing and never seemed to really matter.

There was a background mystery going on about poachers, and when the culprit was caught it came out of left field, but part of the resolution to that whole storyline was very rushed and not completely explained away.

But overall, a pleasant read for some escape from real life.

Oh, and Wayne winked way too often. I don't trust a man who's constantly winking. I don't even like the sound of the word. Wink. Wink wink. A winker is a wanker.

(I purchased this book at a library book sale.)

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