26 October 2012

September Acquisitions

In Sepember our local library had their annual book sale. I popped in during my lunch break the first day of the sale, a Saturday, and picked up three books:

Whispered Lies, by Sherrilyn Kenyn and Dianna Love; Time and Again, by Jack Finney; and Sex and the City, by Candace Bushnell.

I went back on Sunday for bag day - they provide paper grocery sacks and you stuff as many books into a sack as you can for $5.00 - and went home with three bags and 105 books. Score!

After reading yet one more intriquing review of Dark Soul by Aleksandr Voinov, I broke down and ordered "the complete collection" from Amazon. I've read so many reviews, and at first I thought, not for me, but the more reviews I read the more interested I was.

A weekend trip to a Salvation Army thrift store yielded three shirts and five books:

Death of a Hangman, by Joseph A. West (which looking at the cover I thought was by Ralph Compton but turns about to be part of a series Compton started that was later written by West...or smething like that); Confessions of an English Maid and Other Delights, by Anonymous; The Heritage, by Frances Parkinson Keyes


Season of Joy, by Virginia Carmichael; and The Barefoot Princess, by Christina Dodd

And from the sale shelf at Half Price Books:

Heart of Steel, by Meljean Brook; and Dead Man's Walk, by Larry McMurtry.

Another trip to the Salvation Army thrift store one day yielded a small pile of books:

An Underground Education: The Unauthorized and Outrageous Supplement to Everything You Thought You Knew About Art, Sex, Business, Crime, Science, Medicine, And Other Fields of Human Knowledge, by Richard Zacks - this just grabbed my attention, I started to put it back on the shelf, but couldn't resist it;
Dispatches From the Edge: A Memoir of War, Disasters, and Survival, by Anderson Cooper; and Dogs Gone Wild: After Hurricane Katrina, by Theresa D. Thompson


A Beautiful Mind, by Sylvia Nasar - this is a book I probably never would have picked up if I hadn't already seen the movie version.

Knockout, by Catherine Coulter - the 13th book in her FBI series. I've yet to read any of this series, but my mom liked them and gave me a few, so I've started picking them up when I come across them.

And three books by Janette Oke: Julia's Last Hope; Roses for Mama; and A Woman Named Damaris. Books 2, 3, and 4 of her Women of the West series. Of course, I do not have Book 1.

And an Amazon shopping spree:


How To Remodel A Man, by W. Bruce Cameron; The Heartbreaker, by Vicki Lewis Thompson; The Marriage Lesson, by Victoria Alexander


Old Enough to Know Better, by Vicki Lewis Thompson; Warrior, by Zoe Archer; Loverboy, by Victoria Redel

From two Book Mooch members:

Soul Whisperer, by Jenna Kernan; and Master of the Highlands, by Veronica Wolff

And through BookCrossing:

First Drop of Crimson, by Jeaniene Frost, which I've read and  reviewed, and Death's Excellent Vacation, which I've read and reviewed.

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