19 April 2013

Big Boned (A Heather Wells Mystery, Book 3)


Synopsis: Life is reasonably rosy for plus-size ex-pop star turned Assistant Dormitory Director and sometimes sleuth Heather Wells. Her freeloading ex-con dad is finally moving out. She still yearns for her hot landlord, Cooper Cartwright, but her relationship with “rebound beau”, vigorous vegan math professor Tad Tocco, is more than satisfactory. Best of all, nobody has died lately in “Death Dorm”, the aptly nicknamed student residence that Heather assistant-directs. Of course every silver lining ultimately has some black cloud attached. And when the latest murdered corpse to clutter up her jurisdiction turns out to be her exceedingly unlovable boss, Heather finds herself on the shortlist of prime suspects – along with the rabble-rousing boyfriend of her high-strung student assistant and an indecently handsome young campus minister who’s been accused of taking liberties with certain girls’ choir members.

With fame beckoning her back into show business (as the star of a new kids’ show!) it’s a really bad time to get wrapped up in another homicide. Plus Tad’s been working himself up to ask her a Big Question, which Heather’s not sure she has an answer for…

Stats for my copy: Trade paperback, published by Avon, An Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, 2007; 280 pages; received through Book Mooch.

My thoughts: It’s been nearly two years since I read the second book in this series, but the characters and events of the past books came back to me fairly quickly, Heather and Cooper especially. In fact, I particularly remembered how much I liked Cooper and how badly I wanted he and Heather to get together.

This book opens with Heather still living in Cooper’s brownstone, along with her father and her dog, Lucy. Her dad is getting back on his feet and is about to move out, and Heather is realizing that she might actually miss having him around, especially when it’s time to walk the dog. Heather is dating her remedial math professor, and while she’s definitely not crazy about Owen, her new boss, she’s not happy to walk into his office and find him dead.

Thus begins the third Heather Wells mystery, as the residence hall is invaded by detectives trying to figure out who killed Owen, while the grad-student workers are protesting for the right to unionize and a student claims the new reverend on campus is a perv who feels up the girls in the choir. Even though Heather promises Cooper she won’t launch her own investigation into who killed her boss, she of course is unintentionally drawn into everything.
As always with Meg Cabot, there is lots of snarky humor. My only complaint - Cooper was not on near enough pages as I would have liked. But a quick and fun read with a satisfying resolution.

My review of Books 1 and 2, SIZE 12 IS NOT FAT and SIZE 14 IS NOT FAT EITHER is here.


And I need to buy Book 4 and read it before Book 5 comes out in September!


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