06 March 2016


Bought a basket of books at the thrift store yesterday! Usually I buy more books than this, but my daughter and I were looking for stuff for her living room which she is redecorating, and I didn't want her to stand around waiting on me. So I just browsed the books for a minute while she was in the ladies room.

Here's what I found:
  • A Dog's Purpose, by W. Bruce Cameron
  • Disorder in the Court: Great Fractured Moments in Courtroom History, by Charles M. Sevilla - I've been looking for this book for years, ever since I worked as a legal secretary in the late 90's!
  • The Money Class: How to Stand in Your Truth and Create the Future You Deserve, by Suze Orman - I used to watch her show, and while I don't agree with everything she says I do like some of her advice
  • The Dark Romance of Dian Fossey, by Harold T.P. Hayes
  • The Snark Handbook, Parenting Edition: Morning Sickness, Potty Training, Rebellious Teens, and Other Joys, by Lawrence Dorfman - we flipped through this when we got home, it's mostly quotes, such as: "Kids are wonderful...I like mine barbecued." - Bob Hope
  • My Movie Business, by John Irving
  • Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes
  • Shopaholic & Baby, by Sophie Kinsella
  • Bared to You, by Sylvia Day
  • Pug Hill, by Alison Pace
  • City of Ashes, by Cassandra Clare

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