02 July 2016


When the thrift store calls out to you, "why haven't you come in? I have books you need!", you have to respond, right? 

I did good, I only went through the paperbacks/soft covers, which are forty-nine cents each, and I stayed away from the $1.98 hardbacks. 

Rev It Up, by Julie Ann Walker
Death is Disposable, by Evan Marshall
Cruel and Unusual Puns, by Don Hauptman
Masques, by Patricia Briggs
Madhouse, by Rob Thurman
The Baby Quest, by Pat Warren
Lookin' for Luv, by Carl Weber
Shoot Him if He Runs, by Stuart Woods
Cats in the Parsonage, by Clair Shaffer, Jr.
The Yonahlossee Riding Campt for Girls, by Anton Disclafani

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