25 May 2011

An Eye for An Eye


First line: It was winter late, winter cold, winter dark.

Publisher's Synopsis: Sephy is a Cross - the daughter of a top politician and a member of the ruling class. She is also six months pregnant. But Sephy's baby will be a mixed-race child, its father a nought - in a world where the two classes are divided by colour and never treated as equals. Even worse, the baby's father, Callum, is dead. And now Sephy - and her sister, Minerva - must face a violent confrontation with Callum's brother, Jude, who is thirsting for revenge. For Jude reckons that Sephy was responsible for Callum's death...

I read Noughts and Crosses in 2006, and loved it.  It was the story of Sephy, a ruling class Cross, and her best friend, Callum, a nought. They became friends when Callum's mother worked for Sephy's mother. As they grew older, they loved each other, but Crosses did not mix with noughts. The book was a wonderful story about prejudice and politics, without ever getting preachy. If you haven't read it, you need to.

The second book in the trilogy is Knife Edge. I haven't read it yet, but I know Sephy's baby has been born, and Jude is still out for revenge.

An Eye for An Eye is a very slim book, only 52 pages. The events occur over one evening, and fall between Noughts and Crosses and Knife Edge, before Sephy's baby has been born. It's a tense little book, with the point of view alternating between Jude, and Sephy's sister, Minerva, who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I don't want to tell you too much about what happens, as that would give away the whole book. Suffice it to say that Jude wants to kill Sephy, as he blames her for his brother's death.

Read this series. Seriously. Do it. Now.

(I received this book from a BookCrossing member in 2009.)

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