15 January 2012

The Dark Hunters, Vol. 1

Story by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Adapted by Joshua Hale Fialkov
Art by Claudia Campos with Glass House Graphics and Groundbreakers Studios
Adapted by Bill Tortolini

This isn't the first graphic novel I've read, but I've only read three or four in the past. I haven't really gotten into them, and when I received this one I wasn't sure if I wanted to read it. However, I enjoyed it much more than I anticipated.

I'm glad that I have already read the Sherrilyn Kenyon book it's based on (Night Pleasures), as like a book to movie adaptation, a lot gets left out. The book has a 13+ rating on it, and the novel got pretty steamy at times, and all of that got left out. Completely. There are a couple of kisses here, but that's about it.

Anyway, I liked it enough that I think I do want to get Volume 2 now.

(I received this book through BookCrossing.)

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