12 August 2012

3 Book Mini Review

I finished three books over the weekend, and decided to just review them all briefly:

AT GRAVE'S END, by Jeaniene Frost.
Night Huntress, Book 3

I've already raved about the first and second books in this series, and don't have much to add without repeating myself, except you NEED to read these books. Seriously.

(Btw, not loving this cover, especially compared to the cover of Book 2.)

Love Inspired Suspense #284; Fitzgerald Bay

My first time reading this author. Victoria Evans returns to Fitzgerald Bay after being away for ten years, to run an inn and raise her daughter, Paige - and to introduce her to her father, when the time is right. Owen Fitzgerald, a police officer, was in love with Victoria when they were in high school, but on the night that her father crashed his car into Owen's cousin's car, killing both drivers, Victoria left town. As did Hank Monroe, who also had a thing for Victoria, and who is now a police officer as well, sharing an office with Owen. Rumor has it that Hank is Paige's father, and Hank isn't bothering to deny said rumors. Meanwhile, the inn is broken into, not once, but twice, and Victoria and Paige are living in fear while the local police force tries to find the culprit.

For the most part it was pretty standard fare, but the last 30 or so pages (this is a large print, by the way) literally had my adrenaline kicked up and my fingers gripping the pages. So good job, Ms. McCalla!

NIGHTLIGHT: A PARODY, by The Harvard Lampoon

I haven't read Twilight. I have the book. I might read it some day. Or I might never get around to it. I did see the movie. So I felt I was familiar enough with it to read this.

I was hooked by the second paragraph:

"I had a dejected, brooding expression on my face, and I could tell from the reflection in the window that it was also an intriguing expression. "

This was the amusing story of Belle Goose, who travels from Phoenix to Switchblade, Oregon, to live with her father. Belle is excited to meet Edwart Mullen, and is eager for him to admit to her that he is a vampire, and to change her into one also.

Unfortunately, the ending went too far off the deep end, and was more tiresome than amusing.

(I received At Grave's End through BookCrossing; purchased The Detective's Secret Daughter through Harlequin Reader Service, and purchased Nightlight at a thrift store.)

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