06 September 2012

Dead as a Doornail (Southern Vampires, Book 5)


I loved this one! It may be my favorite so far, though that's what I said after the last one also! Someone is shooting shifters, and while trying to figure out who a whole mess of characters drift in and out of Sookie's life. Eric wants to know what happened during the time he stayed with Sookie, which he can't remember; Jason changes for the first time and discovers he loves being a were; Sam and Sookie almost get close (a kissing scene...more, please!); Alcide tries to get closer; Tara's involved with some crazy vamp; Claudine is there to rescue Sookie; and I was eagerly turning pages, not wanting the book to end. Total awsomesauce!

(I purchased this book at a thrift store.)

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