20 September 2012

Dogs and Goddesses


When I first picked this book up to read I thought it was going to be three separate stories, one by each of the three authors. I'm a huge fan of Jennifer Crusie and was really looking forward to her story, though I was completely unfamiliar with Stuart and Rich. As it turns out, it's one complete novel, not three separate stories.

The first fifteen or so pages took an eternity for me to get through. So much so, that I set the book aside and didn't pick it back up for several months. But once I got past that point I became much more interested in the story.

I love the idea of being able to talk to and understand your dog, and some of the exhanges between the three women and their respective pets were very amusing. But overall the book just didn't really appeal to me. I don't know if it's the subject - about gods and goddesses; the characters - the women were all wonderful heroines, but only one of the three men really got to me. Two of them just seemed kind of blah. Even Sam, the one who was a god.

Overall, it was an enjoyable amusing read but nothing special. I'll still read anything and everything Crusie writes, but am not inclined to seek out more by Stuart or Rich, at least not on the basis of this book.

(My mother passed this book to me.)

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