30 September 2012

First Drop of Crimson (Night Huntress World, Book 1)


We've met Spade and Denise several times before in the Night Huntress Books, as Spade is Bones' best friend, and Denise is Cat's, but we didn't know them very well. So it was interesting to learn some background on Spade, the vampire who has known Bones and Ian since before they were turned, when they were all mortals. Spade doesn't care for humans much beyond snacking on. He doesn't date them, and isn't really friends with any of them. Denise is a human who knows about Cat's world, and isn't overly fond of vampires. Her husband was killed at the end of one of the Night Huntress books in a huge battle that Cat and Bones were involved in, and she's removed herself as far as possible from their world, even cutting herself off from Cat.

Unfortunately, vampires and ghouls aren't the only supernatural creatures out there, and Denise has found herself marked by a demon, who has killed some of her family and is threatening to kill all of them unless she tracks down an ancestor who swindled him in the past.

Determined to do anything to protect her family, but equally determined not to involve Cat and Bones in her problems, she contacts Spade for help.

As much I liked learning more about Spade, and about his own past doomed love, he just doesn't appeal to me the way Bones does. Maybe if I'd met Spade first...I don't know. I'm just crazy about Bones, and Spade just doesn't quite live up to him. And I liked Denise, but she was a much paler, docile heroine than Cat. Of course being fully human and not half vampire like Cat, she wasn't the ass kicker Cat is, though she did find her own strengths along the way.

I definitely wanted Spade and Denise to have a happy ever after, and I never really had any doubt that it wouldn't end that way. Overall I enjoyed spending time with Denise and Spade, but I prefer the company of  Bones and Cat.

(I received this book through BookCrossing.)

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