08 March 2011

Alpha Warrior


Harlequin Intrigue #1225; Long Mountain Heroes.

First Line:  Wherever Nick Blacksheep went, trouble usually followed.

Good opening line, cuz we all love those bad boys, right? Nick Blacksheep is a detective and veteran of the Afghan war, whose memories and nightmares of the things he saw and went through in Afghanistan have left him scarred, physically and emotionally. Drew Simmons has just gotten her dream librarian job, but while waiting for the position to start she’s also taken a position in the records dept. at the police station to make ends meet. She lost her father – a police officer – at a young age, and lived with her uncle, the former Chief of Police, and she is determined that she will never allow herself to get involved with anyone in law enforcement. Those men are married to their jobs, and she does not want to live the life of a police officer’s wife. But suddenly her life is in danger, someone is after her, and she has no idea who or why. Nick rescues her from the first abduction attempt, and finds himself then assigned to protect her. 

The heat between Nick and Drew is obvious, but they are both intent on fighting it. Or rather, Drew is…Nick seems eager to give in to it, but only with his body, not with his heart.

This is a Harlequin, so we all know how it is going to end, but with the constant attempts on both Drew and Nick’s lives, it’s a thrilling ride.

(I purchased this book at a library book sale.)

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