25 March 2011

Charmed: Trickery Treat

An original novel by Diana G. Gallagher; based on the hit TV series created by Constance M. Burge.

First Sentence: Piper Halliwell tossed an old leather suit to Leo and swatted at a thick mat of cobwebs.

Publisher's Synopsis:  It’s Halloween, and Piper is busy decorating the Manor, which has become the neighborhood hot spot on the most bewitching night of the year. Meanwhile, Paige decides to use the party as a chance to honor the dead. She casts a spell that creates a portal for a clan of leprechauns…and other wandering spirits.

The guests are thrilled and impressed with the realistic effects, but Phoebe, Piper and Paige soon realize they have a big trick to deal with: one not-so-friendly ghost going out of his way to turn the Manor into a haunted house. The Charmed Ones must stop this evil soul with a vengeance before he takes the life of one experienced ghost hunter who knows his story and has met him before…

I've read a few Charmed books and usually enjoy them. They're written for teens so they're not great literature or anything, but they're fun and bring back memories of the show, which I was a huge fan of.  However, this one was a little more grating than enjoyable.

As each sister is introduced into the narrative, a lot of incidents from the past are mentioned. Example: "Three years ago, a 'Return to Owner' spell on a pair of Grams' red go-go boots had sent Paige back to 1967." I remembered all of these incidents from the TV series, but by the end of the first chapter, it was information overload. And this continued throughout the book.

At the time the book is set, Phoebe is married to Coop. Yet on page 122, Coop is referred to as Cole. Twice!

The most interesting scene in the book (to me) involved Paige brewing a potion, and asking Piper to hand her the powdered dragons' blood. I had watched Off The Map the night before, about a group of doctors working at a clinic in a tiny town in the South American jungle, and two of the doctors had walked through the jungle, scratching at trees with a knife, looking for dragons' blood, a resin. They used it as an adhesive to make temporary bandages. 

(I received this book from a Book Mooch member.)

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