26 January 2011

The Next Three Days

Do you know what I love almost as much as books? Movies. Television. A group of us go to the movies every Tuesday night. Last night we saw The Next Three Days.

It was a gripping and intense ride. Part way through I desperately needed to pee, but couldn't bear to leave the theatre for fear I'd miss something important.

This movie is a drama, a thrilling suspenseful drama, but it's a romance at it's core. Everything Russell Crowe's character does is out of love for his wife (the wonderful Elizabeth Banks), his family. And amid all the action and drama is one of the most romantic scenes in any movie. I won't tell you what John says to Lara over the phone while she sits on the other side of the glass staring at him in despair. But I teared up. This is how a man should love a woman.

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