19 January 2011



I finished this last night and I really like it. It was very different than the vampire stuff I usually read, but I'll admit right now that I haven't really read as much as I thought I had, once I started thinking about it. I've read the Anita Blake series up to about the 8th or 9th book (and have gotten a little tired of it), and I'm currently reading the Argeneau series by Lynsay Sands, which of course is vampire romance and very enjoyable. I have not read the Twilight series and may not ever.  Different takes on vamp culture, and then here's Sunshine with an even different take.

The book was very busy, in that there is so much detail tossed in about supernatural stuff, partbloods and charms, etc., sometimes I felt a little like I'd come into a story where I missed the background. But it wasn't terribly complicated, where you can't comprehend the story because you're too confused. It was more conversationally, as Sunshine narrates her story she throws in these little asides.

I definitely want to read more of this author.

(I received this book through BookCrossing as a book ring I participated in.)

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