16 January 2011

The Love Goddess' Cooking School


This is the first thing I've read by Melissa Senate (other than her tweets!), and I absolutely loved it. I lost my grandmother a few years ago, but I could still relate to Holly missing hers, that is a void that can never be filled. Holly is a wonderful character, who feels real and vivid, but I loved just about all the characters, though especially Liam and Mia. Liam's frustrations with his ex-wife and her treatment of their daughter also rang very true and familiar to me with my ex. And of course the descriptions of the food - I'm now craving bruschetta, my favorite appetizer.

My only flaw with the book is the title, which I'm just not crazy about. I get it, I mean I understand where it comes from, but it sounds so chick litty, and this story is so much deeper than your standard chick lit. And it's not that I don't like chick lit, because I do. I just feel that readers who might avoid that genre will not pick this up and will miss out on a great romantic and humorous and emotional read (and yes, I did tear up at the end).

I don't usually think along these lines, but I so pictured Isla Fischer as Francesca in my head!

(I won this book in a Good Reads giveaway hosted by Melissa Senate.)

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