14 February 2011

Dead to the World


Book 5 in the Sookie Stackhouse, aka Southern Vampires series.

I have to say I like Eric so much better than Bill, so I was thrilled to see that this volume is Eric-centric, and I did not miss Bill one bit. Eric's personality change while under the influence of amnesia really makes you wonder what he was like before he became a vampire, what kind of man he was then.

In this entry in the series, Bill has gone to Peru to work on his book, and Eric has been cursed by a witch who wants to take over his empire, not to mention himself. He has no memory of who he – or anyone else – is. For his own safety, Pam, his second in command, decides that it would be best for him to stay with Sookie until the witch can be found and made to reverse the curse. 

Alcide is also featured in this one (as is the horrible Debbie Pelt to a lesser extent), and between him and Sam I already felt like Sookie would be just fine if Bill were gone permanently. Who knew Eric would come into the mix in such a big way? But hooray!

I’m trying not to give away too much, which makes it hard to really say anything about Sookie and the kinder and gentler Eric’s relationship throughout this book. It will be interesting to see how the relationship is played out in future volumes.

(I received this book through a Book Spiral I participated in on BookCrossing.)

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