16 February 2011

February 2011 Acquisitions 2

I read a Christina Skye book awhile back and really enjoyed it, so I've been collecting her other books. I received this one through Book Mooch. It's the seventh book in her Draycott Abbey series. I already have Books One, Four, Five, and Six, but haven't read any of them yet, and I am very anal about reading series in order. So it will probably be a long time before I actually read this one. Nevertheless, I'm very pleased to have it!

Publisher's synopsis:

Beautiful American heiress Jamee Night feels someone watching her: someone who knows every move she makes. And she knows firsthand what fear is, since she survived a kidnapping when she was just a girl. But Jamee has worked too hard to lose her confidence now. She has come to Scotland on a mission of hope, and to return to the land of her ancestors.

Jamee would never knowingly accept protection, but when she meets Ian McCall, tenth laird of Glenlyle, she is unaware that the proud Highlander is a top kidnapping expert secretly working on her behalf. But there is no mistaking the quiet strength and steely confidence which pulls her inexorably toward his powerful, sheltering embrace and wakens within her a desperate yearning – as well as intense memories of an ancestor who lived, loved and made three solemn wishes generations before.

Now, here in the windswept hills, with Jamee’s courage, Ian’s trust, and a bit of otherworldly help from the irrepressible spirits of Draycott Abbey, miracles can take place – and even ancient wishes really can come true.

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