02 February 2011

Argeneau Vampires

I've been reading Lynsay Sands' Argeneau series, and am currently reading The Rogue Hunter, so I thought I'd go back through my notes and post my thoughts on the previous books.

 A QUICK BITE. I read one of the other books in this series a few years ago, not realizing when I started it that it was part of a series. So I've been collecting the books since then to read in order. I absolutely loved this book. I love the author's whole take on vampire mythology, and I love her humor - I laughed out loud more than once. I can't wait to continue with this series.
 LOVE BITES. Another enjoyable entry in the series. Though quite a difference in the amount of sexual content between this book and the first one.
 SINGLE WHITE VAMPIRE. Of course, as with all Lynsay Sands' books, it was very enjoyable!
 TALL, DARK AND HUNGRY. Another enjoyable entry in the series, though I didn't like it quite as much as the first three. I liked Terri, the heroine, but at this point the heroine of each book (except the first one) seem to all be very similar.
 A BITE TO REMEMBER. Very good entry in the series. While I've enjoyed all the books so far, the previous books were starting to feel very similar, i.e., the heroes and heroines after the first book were all alike and interchangeable, and I was feeling just a tad bored by the end of Book 4. But Book 5 shook it up a little bit. Our hero this time, Vincent, is a cousin to the previous heroes, and he's much less serious than they are, and more at ease in dealing with mortals and their world. The heroine is a mortal, but she's known about the immortals since she was 19 (though she doesn't like them), so in this book there was no need to go through the whole "oh my god there really are vampires" stuff. My only beef with this volume is that Jackie, the heroine, does not faint after having vampire sex the first time, whereas in the previous books, all the heroines did, and it was explained to them that all females do in the beginning. Not that I care if she faints, and I'm hoping that maybe the author just decided to "forget" about that part of the mythology, as I thought it was kind of ridiculous. Anyway, I very much enjoyed this, and it's made me excited again to continue the series.

BITE ME IF YOU CAN. Apparently I did not make an note of this one, though I do remember reading and enjoying it.
 THE ACCIDENTAL VAMPIRE. A wonderful entry in the series. After the first few books or so, they were all starting to feel the same. Then the sixth book made a departure from the series usual formula, and was very refreshing. This one again goes off in it's own direction, and was very enjoyable.
 VAMPIRES ARE FOREVER. Another one I didn't make any note of. I don't care for the cover much.
VAMPIRE, INTERRUPTED. I enjoyed this one though not quite as much as some of the others. I was looking forward to Marguerite's story, but it just didn't quite resonate with me as well as the others. And when there was mention of Lucian and Leigh, I was very confused because I didn't remember Leigh or reading Lucian's story. I've been reading this entire series in order, so I finally had to stop and look to see which book featured them, and sure enough, it was sitting on my shelf, unread. I'm not sure how I skipped it! Overall I've loved this series, and I did enjoy this book very much and look forward to the rest of the series.

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