10 February 2011

The Renegade Hunter


This is book 12 in the Argeneau Family series, and book 3 in the Rogue Hunter series. Our hero this time out is Nicholas, who we learned in the previous book is a rogue immortal. Fifty years ago he was a rogue hunter himself, but after his wife was killed in a freak accident, he murdered a pregnant woman who resembled her. He’s been on the run as a rogue since that time.

In The Immortal Hunter, the Council sent hunters to try and capture Nicholas, who managed to escape them while at the same time helping them rescue two women who had been kidnapped by a nest of other rogues.  In this book, Nicholas is still around, and this time it’s Jo Willan he rescues, discovering in the process that she is his life mate.

Thus the ground work is set. Nicholas is determined to keep Jo safe, not only from the rogues who want to harm her, but from a life on the run with him. Jo believes in her heart that Nicholas is innocent of the crime he’s been accused of, and is just as determined to find a way to prove it and save him. 

Renegade is not quite as good as Immortal was, but is still better than the first Rogue Hunter book.  My biggest gripes – a) Jo constantly raises her eyebrows, it seems like on every other page she does so. Although once I began to get really irritated with it she seemed to stop.  And b) everyone, but especially the men, speak “dryly”.  Sometimes three times on one page. I got sick of that word!

(I purchased this book at Half Price Books.)

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