06 February 2011

The Immortal Hunter


The Immortal Hunter was much, much better than The Rogue Hunter. I wrote this in my review of Rogue:

"I expected more about the actual hunt for the rogue, and when that storyline was resolved it was sort of a let down. This book had less danger, less bite, shall we say, than some of the previous entries in the series. When I read the next book, The Immortal Hunter, my expectations will be lower and I'll keep in mind that this series is basically light, fluffy romances."

Well, Immortal exceeded my expectations and then some. We met Decker in Rogue, and Immortal tells his story. The Council has learned that Nicholas, who is Decker's cousin and who went rogue fifty years ago, has been spotted in the area, and he becomes the next target. But Nicholas leads them to a nest of rogues, who have kidnapped two sisters. Decker and his partners are able to rescue Dani, but one rogue escapes, taking Dani's younger sister with him.

Now they have to catch both Nicholas and the rogue, and rescue Stephanie, all while convincing Dani that they are not just more bad guys and really do want to help her, but without revealing to her just exactly who they are.

You know how this is going to end, right? Well, I can tell you now, you are only half correct in your assumption.

(I purchased this book at a used book store.)

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