05 February 2011

Touch Me In The Morning


 I truly adore old romances, and particularly Harlequin Presents. Catherine George is my favorite Harlequin author. Touch Me In The Morning is a classic George story.

By day, Theo dresses in dowdy “maiden aunt” clothing and horn-rimmed glasses to work as a secretary for the very demanding, egotistical, tantrum throwing James Hackett. By night, she settles into her attic apartment in more becoming clothing and a little make-up, to spend her evenings as Theodora, writing a romance novel.

This is the second George book I've read recently where the heroine drabbed herself down in order to get a job. Previous secretaries had a tendency to fall for Mr. Hackett's good looks and charm, and he wanted a secretary who would be immune to him. And he was just as immune to her, until the day he inadvertently saw her landlord plant a kiss on her, and suddenly he realized there was a woman beneath the matronly clothing.

Next to the romances written today, these old Harlequins (this one was published in 1988) are tame and quaint. But they are also very romantic, which is the whole point, right?

(I received this book through Book Mooch)

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