15 July 2011

In The Shadow Of Man


This was an incredibly riveting, interesting, amusing, amazing book. In the 1960s, Jane Goodall left secretarial work to travel to the Gombe Stream Chimpanzee Reserve (now the Gombe National Park), along with her mother because officials there did not believe a young woman her age should be unaccompanied, to begin studying chimpanzees. The author's love for her work, for the chimps, for nature, for the reserve, come through fiercely. This is a very detailed and impressive account of her time there, and we, the readers, along with Jane and her various assistants (and future husband) become emotionally invested in the individual chimps. It is a fascinating look into the lives of chimpanzees, which are very very different in the wild than what we see in zoos. An excellent book. Excellent.

(I received this book from a BookCrossing member in August 2005.)

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