28 July 2011

Zombies and Shit

Carlton Mellick III

Publisher's Synopsis: Twenty people wake to find themselves in a boarded-up building in the middle of the zombie wasteland. They soon realize they have been chosen as contestants on a popular reality show called Zombie Survival. Each contestant is given a backpack of supplies and a unique weapon. Their goal: be the first to make it through the zombie-plagued city to the pick-up zone alive. But because there's only one seat available on the helicopter, the contestants not only have to fight off the hordes of the living dead, they must also fight each other. 

This book was a little like reading a graphic novel without the graphics. I didn't love it, I didn't hate it. It took me a long time to really get into it, and I considered putting it down a couple of times and moving on to something else. By the middle of the book though I really did want to know what happened to each contestant and how the reality show would end, so I stuck with it.

I think the writing style just wasn't for me. And sometimes the ick factor was almost too much, and I've never felt that way about a book before.

(I received this book through BookCrossing.)

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