05 July 2011

Size 12 Is Not Fat and Size 14 Is Not Fat Either


1st and 2nd book in the Heather Wells Mysteries.

I read Size 12 Is Not Fat in February 2008, and have finally gotten around to reading Size 14 Is Not Fat Either over this past weekend.

In Size 12, Heather Wells is a former pop star who is working as an assistant dorm director at a New York college. She's broken up with her fellow pop star boyfriend after he cheated on her with another rising pop star, her dad has been in jail since she was very young, and her mom has run off with her manager, and her life savings. Despite all this, she loves her job and her new life. Not to mention having a major crush on Cooper, a private investigator who is her exboyfriend's brother, as well as her landlord/roommate.

One day, a student's body is found at the bottom of an elevator shaft. Her death is written off as an accident, the result of "elevator surfing", but Heather is convinced the girl was murdered. Since the police aren't pursuing an investigation, she takes it on herself.

When I started the first book, I wasn't sure about it. Even though it was written for adults rather than teenagers, it still read like a teen book, but with more grown up language and sexual references. For some reason that kind of bothered me in the beginning. But once I got past that, I really enjoyed it. I was disappointed not to have a resolution with Cooper, but then remembered that it was the first book in a series, so of course that storyline would probably be played out further in the next book.

In Size 14 Is Not Fat Either, life has gotten back to normal at New York College. Until a cheerleader's head is found in a pot on the stove in the kitchen. Since this time it's obvious a murder is involved, the police do investigate, while everyone warns Heather not to get involved. Of course, she keeps finding herself dragged into the investigation anyway, especially when she feels the police aren't doing a proper job of it.

In addition to the chaos caused by the murder, her ex-boyfriend keeps calling her and trying to convince her to come to his wedding, and her dad suddenly shows up, having been released from jail. And of course, Heather is still crushing on Cooper, who seems oblivious.

As with all of Meg Cabot's books, the writing is breezy and amusing. This still feels more like a Young Adult read than an adult book, but it's still enjoyable. I'm still rooting for a resolution with Heather and Cooper. Good thing I've got the next book, Big Boned, in my TBR pile somewhere.

(I received the first book through BookCrossing in February 2008, and purchased the second book at a used book store in July 2009.)

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