23 July 2011

Mini Reviews

 A few quick thoughts about various books I've read....

Flirting With Forty, by Jane Porter

 I put this book on my wish list after seeing the Lifetime TV movie, and I'm so glad I did. I really enjoyed this. As a single mother in my 40's, I can't imagine getting involved with a younger man the way Jackie did, but it was fun to read about her adventures. But the book was so much more than that. Jane Porter really gets inside the head of a divorced woman and all those thoughts and feelings and fears that you experience. So in lots of ways I could still relate to Jackie.  (Received through BookCrossing.com and read in July 2009.)

Dead Until Dark, by Charlaine Harris

 I loved this book! Compared to the Anita Blake books this was definitely lighter fare and a welcome contrast. I don't get HBO so I haven't seen True Blood. I've only seen Stephen Moyer in The Starter Wife and am not really a fan, but I did picture him in my head all through this book! I'm really looking forward to continuing the series and hoping I can wait for the next one without getting too impatient! (Received through BookCrossing.com and read in January 2010.)

Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Book 10), by Laurell K. Hamilton

Not my favorite of the Anita Blake books. In fact, sometimes when reading, I wonder why I'm still reading them. At times it seems like the books are about nothing now but sex and violence and gore. And I was sad that Edward was not in this one, he's one of my favorite characters. I think I like Micah though, better than Jean-Claude or Richard. So I will continue with the series. (Received through Title Trader and read in January 2010.)

Agnes and the Hitman, by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer

You know those great old screwball comedies from the 30's and 40's? Fast paced, snappy dialogue, players running in and out of the scenes, everybody getting mixed up with everybody else? "Agnes and The Hitman" was kind of like reading an old screwball comedy. Like all of Crusie's heroines, Agnes is funny and quirky - always a great combination. Shane is the strong silent type, with the perfect partner in Carpenter. In fact, all the secondary characters are just as entertaining. I'm really glad I came across this at the USB, usually when Crusie has a new book out I buy it as soon as it's released so I'm not sure how I missed this one! I've loved everything she's written. I've not read anything else by Mayer (other than Don't Look Down), but I do have one of his books, Dragon Sim-13, in my TBR pile, so one of these days...  (Purchased at a USB and read in August 2009.)

The Catsitters, by James Wolcott

I loved this book. It's like chick lit, but not fluffy, and from a guy's point of view. Wonderfully written and amusing. I'm gonna have to google the author and see what he's done since this. (Received through BookCrossing and read in June 2009.)

A Kiss to Remember, by Teresa Medeiros

I really enjoyed this book. It's been a long time since I've read a historical romance, though I have lots of them in my TBR and used to read them a lot. But lately I've been reading more contemporary stuff and chick lit. I've been following Teresa Medeiros on Twitter and she's just delightful, so when I was browsing the books at Wal-Mart and saw her name I grabbed it. I'm so glad I did, and now I defintely want to read more of her stuff. (Purchased at Wal-Mart and read in October 2009.)

The Lady, by Anne McCaffrey

This was an enjoyable book. I read all of Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern books many many years ago, but had never heard of this until it came into my possession. It's completely different, being set in the world of Irish horse breeding and showing. The characters are very well drawn and it's easy to get caught up in the story (Purchased at a USB and read in December 2009.)

Manhunting, by Jennifer Crusie

I think this is one of her earlier books, and in the beginning it just seemed like another standard romance story. Not bad, but not exceptional. Then Kate goes to the resort and begins interacting with the staff, other guests and townspeople, and it took off fast and became exceptional. Like all of Crusie's books, it was quick paced, funny, and the story kept me involved and turning pages. This is why she's one of my favorite authors, one of the few who, when a new book is released, I actually go out and buy in hardback. I'm glad I stumbled across this! (Purchased at a USB and read in July 2009.)

The Honey Badger, by Robert Ruark

This sat on my shelf for a long time, and then on a whim one weekend I decided to pick it up and read it. And I'm really glad I did! After the first awkward sentence I almost stopped:  "It was that hot -- steaming, stinking, sewer-vaporous, New York -- humid, solid, soul-smiting hot."  But fortunately I continued on, and found it a very enjoyable read. In fact, in my head I could picture all the snappy dialog in a movie from the 30's or 40's, being spoken by Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell and their peers! (Receieved through BookCrossing and read in July 2008.)

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